Yoga for Healing After Loss w/ Gillian Shapiro

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Gillian Shapiro is the only certified Grief Yoga Instructor in Alabama.

Are you experience grief due to a loss in your life?


This loss could be the death of a loved one, a job loss, a traumatic experience, illness, job loss, pet loss or many other losses we as humans grieve. Grief is difficult path to navigate, especially alone. This practice is intended to support you during a difficult time.

This unique Yoga blends elements of hatha, vinyasa flow, kundalini yoga,  ritual, laughter, dance and sound. 


In a session, there will be light stretching of the spine to bring awareness to the body. You will practice movements that incorporate sound and vocalization to access, feel and express stuck emotions. 


Myofascial Yoga w/ Silke Steg

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Do you experience tightness, discomfort, or stiffness in your body that doesn´t go away despite any efforts to stretch your muscles? Myofascial yoga can help you to relieve these areas.

Silke has studied with Yoga Medicine (Myofascial Release Yoga Teacher Training) and Yoga Tune Up (Roll Model Method Practitioner Training) to learn the techniques necessary to apply this simple self-treatment method to eradicate your aches, pain, and tightness. A variety of different balls can help you to identify the places of pain (trigger points or blind spots) and to relax them. 

Blind spots can occur through overuse, underuse, and/or misuse. Noticing your blind spots can increase your body-awareness, not only in your yoga practice, but also in your daily movements. Using different techniques brings oxygen to the tissues, increases circulation, increases mobility through increasing slide and glide between the fascia and muscles, and physically and mentally de-stresses you


Gong Therapy w/ Gillian Shapiro

Only offered at Yoga Bliss (email Gillian Shapiro for more questions

The gong is a form of sound or sonic therapy. The gong is a musical instrument and is used to facilitate healing, meditation and vitality. 

Everything is made up of vibration and the gong vibrates all of our cells in the body; we are made up of 70% water, meaning we conduct sound!

A gong therapy session a one-on-one private session, customized to your specific needs based on an intake questionnaire you complete prior to the session. A typical session lasts one hour and may also include breath work, mantra, affirmations, stretching and/or mudras.


Above sessions are only available at Yoga Bliss